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A new   Thank note was sent on August 3, 2020.


thanktime is the most practical, thoughtful, organized, unique, and meaningful way to thank and encourage people.

  • Publicly or privately thank and encourage friends, family, teachers, mentors, coworkers, employees, partners, waitstaff, community members, strangers, nature, God, or anyone and anything you appreciate--whether they themselves thanktime or not. Yes, you can even thank your cat.

  • Easily keep track of all the thanks you've given and received over time. Our proprietary approach allows you to qualify and quantify the value of your thanks, which makes the process more meaningful and fun. This also allows you to see what others view your strengths to be.

  • Be more mindful of the great people and moments in your life. We found that regularly expressing written thanks enriches our life. The people you thank will of course also be glad to know how much, and why, you appreciate them.

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