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Helpful & Dependable
Reliable, Responsible, Patient, Teamplayer

This Category represents the quality of service.
Being always willing to lend a hand, to help out, and to be there for when others need you.

Kindhearted & Giving
Loving, Generous, Hospitable, Honest

This Category represents the person with Ubuntu: someone who gives of him or herself to others.
Being happy by giving joy to others.

Diligent & Talented
Competent, Skillful, Hardworking, Brave

This Category represents dedication to a profession, a skill, a talent, and perseverance.
Being great at something.

Uplifting & Creative
Inspiring, Entertaining, Funny, Artistic

This Category captures the ability to instill joy, laughter, awe, beauty, and artistic appreciation in others.
Being unique and artful.

Wise & Knowledgeable
Thoughtful, Brilliant, Mindful, Spiritual

This Category represents the qualities of truth, knowledge, intelligence, wisdom, and spirituality.
Being concerned with harmony by seeking understanding.