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Title September 7, 2015  by Vahid Dejwakh

Beta 2 is now up and running with new features
Last updated September 7, 2015 at 4:51 PM.   [Comments]

Thanktime beta version 2 is now live. Much has been improved since we released version 1 last month, thanks to your insightful feedback:

  • The email with your thank note now includes a beautiful background and image, to make your thank note stand out even more

  • In general, Thanktime now has a much cleaner interface

  • The ability to add your first and last name (under Settings), so that your emailed thank notes are that much more personal. (First and last names are otherwise not released publicly)

  • The ability to choose to either continue receiving emails whenever someone thanks you, or to stop receiving emails and only view your thanks received when you log in to Thanktime. This feature is also under Settings.

  • Now featuring the top 3 users who've sent and received the most thank points, per category. The idea here, of course, is not to brag, but to celebrate both those who take time to recognize others, as well as those who've often been recognized. In the future, I'd like to be able to actually give monthly awards to the people who receive these distinctions

  • An updated and very useful About page with answers to most frequently asked questions

  • A new blog section to update you with new features on Thanktime, as well as my personal thoughts on entrepreneurship, leadership, and meaning.

Thanks to all of you who suggested ways to make Thanktime even better. I look forward to better serving you and continuing to make Thanktime the best way to give written thanks and encouragement to those you love and appreciate. Life is just that much more interesting and meaningful when we take time to explicitly appreciate each other more.

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